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About us

The chairman of the Board of Dubrovnik Pearl, Mr. Vicenco Blagaić (born 1977) has for many years now been a successful entrepreneur and has developed a number of important projects without any financial help from his family or otherwise. His team consists of young ambitious people and the company has been growing steadily for several years now. Earlier in his youth Mr. Blagaić was involved in concert organization and produced one of the most successful Croatian movies ever, 'Posljednja volja' (The Last Will) starring Goran Višnjić, until recognizing the potential of commercial shows, publishing and real estate, that so far has proved to be his greatest challenge. Also, one of Dubrovnik Pearl's sister companies is the organizer of annual Croatia Boat Show, in past one of the ten largest boat shows in the world.

Inspired by beauty, guided by vision

Traveling around the world, many times I have noticed – especially sitting next to a window on a plane – how meticulously planned cities all over Europe and the United States are, how every detail seems to have been planned to perfection before construction was even in sight. The situation in our country is, sadly, much different – houses are built without planning, roads added later, meandering among them. This chaos made me think: why not create something anew, starting with only an idea, building infrastructure and residential objects and blending them into green areas. Finding the location to make that dream come true was neither easy or simple. We have searched all over the Croatian Adriatic coast from Zadar to Prevlaka, guided by some really high standards: the location had to be uninhabited, beautiful and right next to the sea, and surrounded by other, established tourist destinations. The terrain had to be fit for construction, too, so we would obtain all the necessary permits for building an airport, several tourist and sport areas and two marinas. The third criterion was the price of the land – seeing the current financial situation in the world, the price had to be favorable in order for us to avoid packing objects close together to make the project feasible. The moderate price we paid for the land let us play with the designs and let our creativity shine; build fewer objects and have more green and public spaces. The locals reacted to the project with glee; welcoming it as the project that would give the region relevance and lure back those who had left in search for a better life, but also give value to their properties. Taking all this into concern, next to outrageous beauty of the surrounding and geographical placing, I am convinced we have found the perfect location for our Dream, not only in Croatia, but in the entire Mediterranean. I am well aware of the challenges we are to face, but also looking forward to the extraordinary potential of the project, hoping the investors, the media and the public will recognize extraordinary potential of the Project which is, after all, to become their legacy.

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