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Urban Garden

Sustainable vision

Environment and Sustainability

Croatian Dream is a development for the future created with the vision to contribute to both the natural and human environments, rather than exploiting either. This philosophy will not only dramatically differentiate Croatian Dream from other developments but, it will also provide a highly effective marketing tool. Creating best practices in design and construction will increase the quality of life for all who experience this unique destination and provide a wonderful benchmark for development of tomorrow.

The strong environmental theme throughout will enhance and protect natural landscapes whilst creating sensitive urban developments, working to initiate wonderful niches for local flora and fauna. Croatian Dream will value biodiversity as an integral component to the environment, thus bringing people and nature together. Every effort will be made to ensure renewable energy sources are utilised in the creation and ongoing sustainability of the development.

Climate Analysis / Renewable Energy

The concept of sustainable development on which our project is based was developed by London company PHA Consult, experts in development and sustainable design. The new city will be based on ideals of nurturing the nature and building for a better tomorrow, and every detail will be oriented toward care for the environment, making the project unique even by global standards. One of our goals is to enrich the nature, preserve its beauty and value, and blend our project into the surroundings, accenting the local flora and fauna. Sustainable development and renewable energies will make this place live and thrive for a long time.

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